Prophetic Word for the United States

I have attached a podcast of a word I received from TMH in October of 2006. The prophetic word is also published in the book I have written, The Bridge, Moving from Increasing Chaos to Future Peace.

When I first received the word, it seemed impossible that what was shown me would actually happen. But in light of events that has happened in 2020, I think people can see it now and are ready to hear the truth.

Prophetic Word for the United States

Listen, pray and take action.


Not too long ago I had a waking vision in where I was out of the picture, not a part of society for 30 years. I don’t know what happened as to why. It was like I was asleep (in the vision). When I awoke, I was the same as I am today. I had not aged but of course everything around me was different. There were two other people with me that had the same experience. In the vision, we did not have any money or other provisions. But I remembered that I had some Bitcoin and wondered if they still existed or if they would be worth anything because there were various means of buying and selling but Bitcoin was not one of them. So I went to a bank that was sitting on a street corner. I inquired of my Bitcoin. I did not have an account at this bank but they were still able to locate my Bitcoin account and gain access. I was able to trade it for the local currency so had money to take care of me and my companions. Then the vision ended.

I have nothing more to add to this vision except to say I think TMH gave it to me to let me know that Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the block chain technology is not just a fad. It’s here to stay.