Prophetic Message About Banks

The Bridge is a prophetic word about the banking system in the United States. Specifically, the book discusses how and why the banks will collapse, its effects on our daily lives and gives a roadmap which will allow the reader to not only survive but to thrive during and after the economic devastation that will be caused by the banking failure.

The Bridge suggests strategies that anyone can employ, regardless of their financial status. Rather than a ‘doomsday’ message, the book brings hope rather than despair, and peace instead of fear.

It is also a clarion call to action for those who are concerned abut their financial future, for those who are called to help others and for those who are considered modern-day Josephs to prepare for the days ahead.

Begin today to prepare with confidence for the coming economic and financial transformation.


The Bridge cover

The worst is now. A better tomorrow is coming.

Difficult dayI hear the Spirit of The Most High saying that we are in the worst of this pandemic now. It will stay ‘bad’ for some days even weeks and then suddenly things will get better. Almost instantly, one day when you wake up, there will be no more deaths as a result of the COVID-19. The sick will become well almost miraculously. Hospital beds will be emptied. People will remain at home for a short time longer. But the disease will be gone. People will go back to work. Restaurants will open. Parks and Beaches will open. The country will breathe a sigh of relief. People will greet and smile at each other on the streets, even in New York. There will be lots of picnics and gatherings as people try to get back to normal.
Churches will open again but with less of a crowd than before. Tithes and offerings will decrease as people struggle with their finances. Others will begin to make different decisions financially and relationally. This is a time of shifting.
But the biggest shift will be with the Church. Many will be confused about the changes but I AM is in the mist of the changes and is stirring things up. “And I say to the churches, pay attention and take heed. The grace period is over. Following ME will be essential in the days to come. Come out of religious thinking for I AM not there. Seek me strategically and I will be with you every step of the way.

I received this word about a week ago. I believe The Most High is looking for our agreement so that HE can act within the earth. We have a choice, we can agree and partner with the enemy or we can agree and partner with The Most High. I am rejoicing now in all that HE is doing in my life, my city, my country and in the world. Praise HIM and rejoice for HIS mercy endures forever!