Farmers DO NOT DESTROY your crops!

ProduceI was recently prompted by the Holy Spirit to review some of my journals from several years ago. While doing so, I ran across something I had written in 2007 by the unction of the Holy Spirit.

For Farmers, I hear the Lord saying do not destroy your crop. Store it up, as much as you can and as much as will last a significant time. For what used to be plentiful will be in lack. My people will need your produce. The word is for all farmers’ even those who garden in their own yards. Store up your produce. Throw away little or nothing. Because of the breakdown in the supply chain as a result of Covid-19, we are now reading and hearing about crops and millions 

Because of the breakdown in the supply chain as a result of Covid-19, we are now reading and hearing about crops and millions of farm animals being destroyed because they can’t get them to market. Dairy milk is also being dumped.

This word is now coming to pass. I believe The Most High has been trying to get new inventions, and strategy in this area for some time but few are listening. I am hearing that this is the beginning of tearing down so that processes can be built up according to Kingdom strategies.

Unfortunately, we will be experiencing an increase in food prices especially meats in the United States. Other parts of the world will experience famine. My heart cries out for the hungry! We need Kingdom wisdom and strategies in all sectors to come forth. This is my prayer.

Prophetic Message About Banks

The Bridge is a prophetic word about the banking system in the United States. Specifically, the book discusses how and why the banks will collapse, its effects on our daily lives and gives a roadmap which will allow the reader to not only survive but to thrive during and after the economic devastation that will be caused by the banking failure.

The Bridge suggests strategies that anyone can employ, regardless of their financial status. Rather than a ‘doomsday’ message, the book brings hope rather than despair, and peace instead of fear.

It is also a clarion call to action for those who are concerned abut their financial future, for those who are called to help others and for those who are considered modern-day Josephs to prepare for the days ahead.

Begin today to prepare with confidence for the coming economic and financial transformation.


The Bridge cover