A Church with no walls

Once not too long ago, I was praying about the Church and the Lord showed me a vision of what the Church is to look like. In my vision, I was looking down at a church building and observing the activity going on inside. The church building had a roof but I could still see through the roof. However, the church had no walls. I was watching the activities in fast forward motion. People were moving in and moving out, but only 3 or 4 people consistently remained in the building. The people moving in and out were always different people, never the same.

The vision intrigued me. But I admit it took me some time to understand and accept the meaning of the vision. My traditional concept of “church” seemed to get in the way. However, the understanding is becoming clear as time progresses. To explain the concept, let me first summarize local churches and what it currently looks like.

In the western world, there are many local churches in a given neighborhood. The churches look different based on various architectural designs often because of denominational and cultural traditions. But these divisions cut off the Holy Spirit power that is to flow vertically through God’s people. These are walls that divide God’s people.

A couple of years ago, I went for a drive in a small town in the southern part of the United States. It was an old costal town so there were many historical buildings including churches. The churches were beautiful in their design, some Catholic, some Methodist, as well as various other denominations. But when I drove past these churches, I sensed the presence of the demonic as I’ve never experienced before. These demon spirits were sitting on top of the churches and when I drove by, they looked at me with hatred. I can only describe what I felt as being extremely uncomfortable, which of course was intentional on their part. Once I passed the area of the city, the feeling began to subside.

The experience I just described seems extreme, but I mention it for a reason. Our division within the body of Christ whether it is denominational, theological, or cultural, is governed by demonic strongholds. These strongholds block the power of the Holy Spirit from flowing through God’s people as it should. So, the church with no walls represents the divisional barriers coming down. It represents our Holy Spirit connection with God flowing through each of us to the next person and getting God’s mission fulfilled in the earth.

There is a transition taking place in which the walls are being removed. Major transformation is happening within the Church. This transformation must take place in preparation for the end of times transition. Our connection with on another will be vital for many reasons. Those who are resistant to the changes will be left to the worlds devises (See January, 2010, The Great Migration).

In my vision, the people moving in and out represent the churches operating more like a pit stop to full-fill specific needs for the body of Christ. Once the needs are full-filled, people moved on, possibly to the next ‘pit-stop’. There are no longer memberships of churches in which all needs were met by a specific church group. The churches are more representative of the body of Christ in that if a church functions as the hand, then its natural function manifests its spiritual function. Perhaps similar to inter-city churches who provide free meals to the community. Each individual church will begin to understand its Christ bodily function according to how it was designed and the body of Christ as a whole will begin to function as it should (See I Corinthians Chapter 12).

A church with no walls is a goal for the body of Christ. Already, there is evidence and confirmation from God’s prophets as churches are beginning to position themselves through prayer. The hardest part will be in letting go of our traditions and allowing Jesus to establish a new order. May God’s will be established in the earth.

Hearing the Holy Spirit 220

Another way to practice hearing the Holy Spirit is to journal your prayer or conversation and then write what you believe to be the response from the Holy Spirit. I frequently use this form of communication. When I think I hear a response, I put what I believe the Holy Spirit is saying in quotations so that I can distinguish between what I am writing and the response.

Over the years, I have gotten better at discerning the Holy Spirit’s voice while writing. But I will tell you; recently, I looked back at my journals and realized that in the beginning, it was not always the Holy Spirit that was speaking to me. Part of the practice is also learning how to separate the voices. If there are areas in your life that are not in complete submission to God, then, it is possible that a spirit not of God will give you counsel in an area of weakness or vulnerability.

My area of vulnerability was wanting to be married. As a result, any single Christian man was my potential husband. This is a dangerous area for single women and even single men. The desire of wanting to be married can be so strong, that the desire itself can become an idol. While it is true that the natural desire for marriage comes from God, it is also true that we can transform the desire into an obsession which in turn opens the door for us to hear from a spirit not of God.

I tell you this not to discourage you from practicing but to encourage you to test the spirit by the spirit as part of your practice. God desires us to have a prophetic voice and learning to discern His true voice is part of the process. It is also part of the process to purify our desires and bring them under submission of God. Doing so will strengthen our hearing and help us build our confidence.

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