Our Spiritual Children will be Headless


I had a dream that there were several toddlers laid among rubble. There was some sort of battle and the toddlers were left there. When we went to pull them out of the rubble, I noticed that their heads were missing. Their bodies were intact and fully functional, but there was no head. These toddlers were walking around headless! Because they did not have any eyes, they were just wandering aimlessly because they could not see where they were going. The people who were with me wanted to discard them, but I said, ‘no’. The toddlers were orphans and we needed to find homes for them. Then I woke up.

I felt the Lord was saying that these were orphans who were left without a spiritual leader. The rubble represented the sins in the Church coming down or being destroyed. There are many Christian leaders living in sin and the Lord is about to expose and bring down the evil in His Church. When this happens, many Christians, some still spiritual babies will be left without a leader wondering where to go and what to do next. The Church that remains has to be ready to take these spiritual babies to watch over them and train them up.

A major shaking is coming to the American church

While praying, this is what the Lord spoke to me this evening:Failure-e1369855103499

“I am going to cause a major shaking in a mega church this fall, and they are going to realize that I am a God of mercy and grace but I am also a God of judgement. The separation that will take place in the churches has begun and will manifest itself in the natural in a very public way.”

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