Hearing the Holy Spirit 220

Another way to practice hearing the Holy Spirit is to journal your prayer or conversation and then write what you believe to be the response from the Holy Spirit. I frequently use this form of communication. When I think I hear a response, I put what I believe the Holy Spirit is saying in quotations so that I can distinguish between what I am writing and the response.

Over the years, I have gotten better at discerning the Holy Spirit’s voice while writing. But I will tell you; recently, I looked back at my journals and realized that in the beginning, it was not always the Holy Spirit that was speaking to me. Part of the practice is also learning how to separate the voices. If there are areas in your life that are not in complete submission to God, then, it is possible that a spirit not of God will give you counsel in an area of weakness or vulnerability.

My area of vulnerability was wanting to be married. As a result, any single Christian man was my potential husband. This is a dangerous area for single women and even single men. The desire of wanting to be married can be so strong, that the desire itself can become an idol. While it is true that the natural desire for marriage comes from God, it is also true that we can transform the desire into an obsession which in turn opens the door for us to hear from a spirit not of God.

I tell you this not to discourage you from practicing but to encourage you to test the spirit by the spirit as part of your practice. God desires us to have a prophetic voice and learning to discern His true voice is part of the process. It is also part of the process to purify our desires and bring them under submission of God. Doing so will strengthen our hearing and help us build our confidence.

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Hearing the Holy Spirit 210

I think the main problem I had in learning to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit is understanding if I am hearing correctly. The Bible says, “My sheep shall know my voice.” I believe this to be true. But I also know that there are many distractions in life that will set to confuse us. So these next few posts will concentrate on helping you to build your faith and skill in hearing the Holy Spirit.

It can sometimes be better to learn by taking little action steps instead of trying to tackle the situation all at once. If you already have some experience with hearing God’s voice, this can serve as a refresher, much like a professional taking continuing education courses to stay current in their profession.

Practice Exercise 1

Chose one or two areas in your life where you will begin asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. Example of areas may be in spending money, eating habits, what to watch on television, how you spend your time, listening to music or listening to specific stations on the radio. Once you have chosen the one or two areas, begin asking the Holy Spirit for guidance before you engage in the specific activity. For example, if you chose the area of spending money, then ask the Holy Spirits guidance in how you spend money on in specific situations. If you are in the mall and you see a clothing item you like, ask for guidance. Remember, the Holy Spirit will never intervene with your free will. Guidance can come in many forms. Is the style right for your body type? Is it the right color? Or perhaps you will be guided to wait on the purchase. This has happened with me many times. When I took the Holy Spirit’s advice and waited, I found the same item for a lot less money somewhere else. In asking for guidance, you will not always hear a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Many times the Holy Spirit will ask you a question. In my experience when I am asked a question, the question often tests the condition of my heart. One of the Holy Spirits’ job as our counselor is to help us to grow up in our faith. The Holy Spirit is full of knowledge and wisdom and God wants to impart this knowledge and wisdom to us. You just have to be open to listening to what God is trying to tell you.

Practice asking for guidance, and don’t forget to stop and listen! The Holy Spirit is that still small voice within you. Refer to “Hearing the Holy Spirit 201” for some guidelines. If you have questions, please ask. It really is God’s desire for us to hear His voice. The Holy Spirit is our way to gaining a closer relationship with Jesus.