Over the last few years, I have begun to grow closer to God rejecting the worldly ways in many parts of my life. I had always known that I was called of God, but I was not clear as to how until about 10 years ago. As I became more consistent in my prayers, the Lord began to speak to me about my future and the future of His Universal Church, specifically within North America.

As with many, I had to go through a process of purging and healing. Doing so, allowed me to have a clearer reception with the spirit realm. There is much that the Lord has shared with me both in words and in visions. However, I was not allowed to share publicly until now. I am using the Internet because the Lord was very clear that He did not want His message sold in the form of a book, DVD or CD. God’s word is free and freely given.

There is a sense of urgency in the spirit that I feel very strongly. I am merely acting on the urgency as I begin to share with you as the Lord commands. May peace be with you as we embark on this journey together.

God’s simple servant,

Sonja Felder

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