The Oracle Orchestra of YEHVEH

Today’s 6 minute Podcast takes a look at the elements of false prophecy as it pertains to the current election results for the United States Presidency. The podcast calls into account those who not only spoke falsely, but also those who followed and believed. This message is a call for His people to learn His voice and follow after Him fully.

One thought on “The Oracle Orchestra of YEHVEH

  1. I really disagree with you on what has taken place in the election.
    So, God would put a lying spirit in hundreds of His kids worldwide about the election?
    That makes no sense at all. None.
    I know many honest and gifted prophets who are still holding that Trump will WIN.
    As I am, too.
    It’s not over in the least and I wonder what you will say when THE LORD puts Trump in office?
    What can you say?
    Funny, no one can wait just a little bit anymore.
    Lazarus was stinking in the tomb and he came out just fine.
    Hold on folks, you are going to SEE a miracle from God.


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