Pick-up Truck registration will not be renewed.

Vingage TruckLast night, I had a dream where I saw a man in a pick-up truck. It was an older model but it looked brand new. I was admiring the truck and complemented the man on how well it looked. The man was sitting in the drivers seat. I walked from the front of the truck to the drivers side and I noticed what seemed like registration notices on the wall of the far side of the truck. The wall of the truck was taller in this part of the dream so that I could see the notices clearly. One notice said ‘Not to be renewed’. This shocked me since the truck was in such good condition. I asked him about it. This is the point when I realized he owned the truck for a long time. He was aware that the registration was not going to be renewed and he had a sad look on his face. Then I woke up.

In a dream, a truck is similar to a car and can represent ministry. It can also represent provision, or life style. This is what I heard in my Spirit “Everything as you know it; as the world knows is coming to an end. The way you receive provision, ministries, life styles it’s all coming to an end. There will be a different set of standards coming.” The man in the dream owned his truck (ministry, provision, life style) for a long time and he was sad because he knew that he would no longer be able to operate the truck and would need a new vehicle.

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