The dollar will fail. But have no fear. I will be with you all.  I will be with you always. The end of time has not yet come so prepare yourselves.

The above is an excerpt of a prophecy I was given concerning America’s economic future. Over time, as I prayed and asked questions of the Father, additional revelation was given, as well as instructions to write a book concerning the prophetic word the Lord has given me. The name of the book is “The Bridge, Moving from Present Chaos to Present Peace” and is now completed and published, available on Amazon.

The Bridge is a clarion call doe those who are called by HIS name to prepare for the days ahead. The Bridge is also a preparation book for those who believe they have the Joseph anointing and for those who have a desire to provide financial protection for themselves, their families, their communities and themselves. The Bridge cover

Click here to get your paperback copy today. Click here for Kindle e-book. I pray that the information will bless the reader.


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