shofarblowing1Last week, I had a dream in which I was instructed to Pray Psalm 91. Well, I got busy, and forgot about the dream. A couple of days ago, Jay West, Pastor of Kingdom Encounters in Omaha, NE received an impression from the Lord to read Psalm 91 and posted instructions on Facebook. His post reminded me of my dream.  It is highly likely that many have received similar promptings.

Texas just encountered Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma is heading for the Islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and then Florida. Further, the Lord shared with me that these two hurricanes is only the beginning. The United States is going to suffer from many natural events of significant magnitude over the next 12 months. Reading Psalm 91 and praying for God’s protection over yourself and family and over our nation should be an important part of your prayer strategy going forward.

Preparation time is upon us in many areas. I have made a major shift in my own life so that I have time to prepare sensing that the season has changed. What is the Lord telling you to do?

Yesterday, as I was praying, I heard the Lord say ‘Sound the Alarm’.  As best as I know how, I am sounding the alarm through this post. My prayer is that it does not go on deaf ears.


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