Healing is coming to the body of Christ

healing pictureFor years, I have been praying for healing in my body. In the process of prayer, I’ve learned a few key spiritual points of information along the way. One is that I have to watch what I say. I didn’t understand about word curses and how I was undoing my healing. I would always take the illness back every time I said “I have”. For example, if I said I have a cold, or I have high blood pressure. ‘I have’ is ownership. I was taking ownership of the illness. Even if I said, “I have no money”. I was taking ownership of lack of finances in my life.

There are many who are sick in the body of Christ. The reasons why are as varied as the people. But does this make the promises of God untrue? No, it does not. In fact, there is so much we still need to learn about spiritual matters and how the Kingdom operates. We are in a season where the Holy Spirit wants to pour out Kingdom knowledge, wisdom and understanding; How to bring the scriptures alive in our lives.

But despite all that I have just said, I received two visions last week concerning healing coming to the body of Christ.

The first vision I received was the image of a race and there were runners lined up at the starting line. There was a wide rubber type barrier that ran across the track keeping the runners from moving forward. The runners represented the Bride of Christ. The runners were in their starting positions ready to run as soon as the barrier was removed. Once the barrier was removed, there was a rush forward by the runners. But as they rushed forward, healing, restoration, and blessings attached themselves to the runners so that all manner of sickness, and oppression fell off and the runners were running their race without any hindrances.

The next vision I received when praying about healing was a massive waterfall in the spirit. The waterfall extended as far as my eyes could see. Below me was a floor, similar to a warehouse floor. The floor had a large steel door that was closed. There was a man standing next to the door with his hands on the handle ready to open it. I could tell that when it opens, the water from the waterfall will rush through the steel door into the earth realm. The rushing water is for the Bride. In the waters is healing, restoration, and blessings.

The two visions represent a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit onto the Bride. The outpouring will bring the long awaited healing, restoration, restitution, and blessings that we have been earnestly praying and waiting for. There is a timing element for this outpouring from the Lord but the time is very soon as indicated by the runners in their starting positions and the man primed to open the steel door. Hopefully this post will bring encouragement to those who are praying and staying in faith. As the word says, “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”(Galatians 6:9)

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