Fiery missiles Coming from the East

fiery missilesAbout mid-August, I had a prophetic dream. The dream was disturbing and stayed with me. I did receive at least a partial interpretation of the dream and I will share.

In the dream, I was standing on Hawaii when all of a sudden, missiles were being fired on Hawaii. When the missiles started coming which appeared to be coming from the west (eastern countries) I ran to the mainland. As I was running, the missiles kept coming but I was able to dodge each one even though they were landing all around causing havoc on the land. The fiery missiles continued to hit here on the mainland and I continued to run and dodge them and then I woke up.

It was strange because I was able to step from Hawaii to the mainland with just one step. I later learned that the missiles were coming from China. These are not actual warheads, but dangerous non-the-less. These missiles contain spiritual evil weapons meant for our destruction.

Please understand that this is not meant to attack a specific people group. But there is a real threat to our country’s sovereignty and that threat comes from the Chinese government.

As you pray for our country, pray for its’ sovereignty, pray that the enemies plans will be exposed and pray that the Church in America will awaken from slumber and take the spiritual authority the Lord has already given to keep our lands safe.

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