A Personal Financial Word for 2012

We are more than a month into 2012; barely scratching the surface of what is in God’s plan for this year. Expect directional shifts which will cause financial change. Emphases should be on savings. This should be a higher priority than getting out of debt. In other words, pay your bills, but save, save , save. Once you have obtained a level of savings you are comfortable with, then prayerfully eliminate your debt.

The focus should specifically be on the emergency fund. Decide on a specific amount to save for 2012 and make a plan. Will you take lunch to work more often? Spend less on eating out? Purchase less clothing? Take a less expensive vacation, or none at all?

The United States financial future remains uncertain. In large part because Congress is afraid to make hard and necessary decisions in order to cut our growing deficit. There are some specific financial strategies God will reveal to His people for the coming years. Do not assume investing in gold is the only strategy for protecting your wealth. Do not be afraid or make financial decisions out of fear. God has always provided for His people.

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