The Great Migration

In 2010, the Church is going to begin a migration from tradition and legalism to worshiping God in a pure and non-traditional manner. God’s true Church is no longer interested in traditional services where God’s glory may not be present. God is going to show up in unusual places, and people who are hungry for God will go where He manifests His presence, regardless of the location. Our sensibilities will be tested as we begin to feel God’s presence in unusual places. As I was praying, this is what God said:

 “I am going to confound the world and the church through My called ones because they turned their backs on the world system. The church will see My glory on My called ones through-out the market place, outside of the traditional church and will be confused. Some will think the success (of the gathering ) is from the enemy but those who have My true spirit will know and understand what I am doing in this hour.

 The church will want to lure you back into the religious shackles that many have broken free from but do not let them. Stay separated from them until the changes I have set in motion become evident. The church will not be able to hold onto their religious shackles. The body of Christ will move to where they see My true spirit. My spirit will leave the church houses forcing them to make a change if they want to follow Me. But those who seek Me and seek out My glory will only find Me in the unusual places. For My glory is not confined to a church building. Just as the children of Israel followed the cloud of glory out of Egypt, so My people will seek out My glory and follow Me. It will not matter to them where I preside. My provisions are boundless within My glory.”

 This recent word from God is related to a prophecy I received a couple of years ago regarding the separation in the Church. The definition of Christ Church comes from the Greek word ekklesia which means “The called ones”. Matthew 20:16 and Matthew 22:14, states, “For many are called but few are chosen.” The term, ‘Many called’ does not mean everyone is called of God. Within those who are called, only a few are chosen. The separation that is taking place is among the called ones. These are the ones who will gather in the unusual places to experience the glory of God. Their ears will be sensitive to God’s voice who will lead them to Him out of the dark places and into the light of His glory. Where God’s glory resides, we will also find healing and peace, and love and prosperity. The anointing of those who partake of His glory will be very strong. There will be boldness among God’s called to propel God’s will in the earth.

The unity among God’s called will be strong and powerful. Strongholds will begin to loosen and people will be free from many kinds of shackles. Poverty, sickness, anger, unforgiveness, and even the real shackles of those who are incarcerated will be removed from God’s called. For bondage cannot reside in God’s glory.

2010 will be a pivotal year for God’s people. In all humility, we will receive His goodness. Confusion will be replaced with clarity as we receive God’s instructions for our lives. Some will go against the grain of what we perceive as normal.  But as we heal from the need of man’s acceptance and approval, we will move forward and set new standards for the world in many areas such as business, medicine, entertainment and even sports.

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