The Ax-Man

The Vision

Not long ago while meditating and praying, I received a vision. I was looking afar unto the shore of an ocean beach. There was a tall wooden statue, almost as tall as the trees that fenced the back of the beach. A man with an ax came and chopped the statue down. The whole statue of what appeared to be an ancient holy man with long hair and a great beard toppled over into the water and was carried away by the waves. Then another statue appeared similar to the one before. This time I was closer and able to see the details of the statue and the man with the ax. The ax-man cut this statue just above the base or the knees. But the statue did not break apart. It toppled over intact like the one before and was carried away by the waves. Another statue appeared and then another. Each one cut down by the ax-man. It didn’t matter where the ax-man hit, the entire statue toppled over and was carried into the ocean by the waves. The statues were of men with great beards and long hair. They were carved in ceremonial robes similar to that of Levite priests. The ax-man also had long hair and a beard. He appeared very small compared to the statues but he was strong and he did not miss. It only took one stroke of his ax to topple over the statues.

 The Meaning

“The statues are idols,” Said the Lord. “They represent men who pose as gods by elevating themselves above Me and making themselves the priority and the object of affection and honor. I am the ax-man. My size represents how little these idols honor and respect Me and yet when I strike, my power is felt and I never miss. These idols are found in churches all across the country and I will cut them down.”

 “The beach is the realm between spirit and flesh. The ocean represents the world and its systems. I will cut these men from My glory and they will hear from me no more,” Said the Lord. “They will be carried away and swallowed up by the world. My grace and mercy will no longer be with them. They will be among the walking dead; that is living and breathing but empty of My spirit. This I will begin to do in 2010.”

 “For the trials and testing of my people is coming to an end. But some have come through this period of testing and failed. Over and over they rejected Me and My ways for their own purposes and followed the way of the world. As this new season begins, I will start My process of separating God’s people.”

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