Shark Dream

Below is a dream I had earlier in the year. I believe the dream is relevant to this discussion about the world system and how it can affect us spiritually. I welcome comments and dream interpretations if the Lord has given revelation.

I dreamt that I was swimming in a very clear body of water. There was a man swimming with me. We were both in regular clothing. I was in front and he was behind and to the right of me. There was a shark that was after us. It kept trying to grab me. But the shark had no teeth in its mouth so when it grabbed at me, it did not hurt.

After awhile the shark was able to take hold of me. It pulled me down into the water. We went down until we reached a house that was sitting at the bottom. While it was pulling me down, I did not feel as if I could not breathe but I knew that if I stayed submerged I would die.

The house was large with three levels. The shark pulled me through a stairwell all the way to the bottom level in which there was a very large kitchen. The water was very clear and it was a sunny day. I could see very clearly inside the house as there was no roof over the house. From the kitchen you could look straight up, and see the surface of the water far above. But somehow I knew that the only way out was through the stairwell door that the shark brought me through.

The shark left me and locked the door behind so I had no way out. But I knew that I would die if I stayed. As I was looking around, I saw a pair of legs floating around the corner. I went to investigate and found a dead body. It was someone the shark brought and left there. I knew if I stayed, the same would happen to me. Later, the shark brought the man that was swimming with me. But this time, when the shark left, it did not close the door all the way. I immediately grabbed the man and we swam through the door and up towards the surface. We both made it to the surface and we were able to tread water and gulp some air. The shark saw us and tried to grab us again. However, this time, the shark had teeth. I woke up in the mist of the struggle.

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